Minah Kim

Is an Illustrator based in New York

Was born in Seoul, South Korea.

Studied Visual Design at SKK University, Seoul.

Majored in Illustration and Cartooning at School of Visual Arts, New York City.

Was born again in Jesus Christ.

Now living with her husband, one little girl and one little boy.



Commisions, Inquiries & Hellos

2020    My Sound Animals

2020    My Alphabet Fairy

2020    The Unraveling (Sci-fi Novel Book Cover)

2018    The Wheels on the Bus

              Old MacDonald Had a Farm

2018    Alice the Camel 

2017    Alphabet Work Out Book

2017    The Parrot and the Tortoise

2017    I See A Rainbow

2017    Artist in Whiteland

              (Short comic, World War 3 Illustrated)